He was born in Rome on August 31.

In the ’78 he has graduated from the third art school in Rome and has enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in Via Ripetta.

In the ’81 he has begun a collaboration with the Eura Editoriale, already known as Aurea (Launch Story – Skorpio) with the artistic director Ruggero Giovannini.

In the ’94 he has begun working with “The Newspaper” (Ed. Paoline).

In the ’98 he has suited and illustrated “The story of Capt. Patchwork” from “Earth” novel by Stefano Benni for Edizioni Feltrinelli, reprinted from “Aurea Editoriale” in 2008 and “001 editions” in 2010.

In 2011 he has published the “L’ invenzione del naso e altre storie” for the “Kowalsky – Feltrinelli” by Claudio Baglioni, a project by Paola Massari.

He has published 90 works as a freelancer for various advertising agencies in Rome and Milan as an illustrator, Storyborder and Visualizer.

Alongside these activities he’s working as a painter exhibiting his works in various galleries.

He lives and works in Rome.